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Hello and wecome back to my seasonal plant health care tips. With springtime just around the corner we need to start thinking about our garden and how we can get the season off on the right foot. First of all we want to ensure that with our plants and trees they start pushing new growth and setting buds so we get the most vigorous growth and blooms this spring. The best way to do that is with a properly balanced fertilization for your shrubs and trees and now is a great time to do that application. A mix of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium will promote trunk and branch growth, stimulate vigorous root growth, promote flower bud formation and make an overall healthier, stronger plant.   

The other key during this time of year is to get ahead of the oncoming flush of weeds in your planting beds. One of the best ways to stay ahead of this is with an application of compost or barkdust mulch. If this hasn’t been done in a while I’d recommend a 2″ layer be put down. With our regular clients we do an annual application and in these cases we only put down approximately 1″ each year to freshen it up. This mulch over your planting beds is the best way to keep weeds down and it also helps to build good soil, retain moisture and reduce run-off. Finally, while this is not for our organic clients, if you want to add an extra layer of weed protection to your planting beds you might consider an application of a pre-emergent herbicide. These typically last about 90 days, depending on site conditions and practices, and they prevent weeds from germinating in the first place. It is a chemical and we recommend that you either closely follow the manufacturer’s recommendations or hire a licensed applicator.

Since this time of year is one of the busiest in the garden I will be posting again next month so make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and get the latest tips from your truly.

Jim Zauner

Staff Horticulturalist



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